CPAlead – A Unique Way To Make Money With CPAlead

CPAlead is the largest incentive CPA network in the world. To start making money with the network, you’ll need some effective tips, techniques and ideas. Only having these things won’t help. You’ll have to know how to put them into practice. The old methods such as Movie-Streaming Website, Torrent method, and YouTube method are illegal if you use copyrighted content.

The method I’ll be discussing in here is a legitimate, new technique to make money with CPAlead. It entails buying products with master resell rights and then giving them away in exchange for visitors completing your offers. With that said, let’s get started.

1. Find A Hot Market

If you’re already in internet marketing, you do probably know where to go and find hot markets. We do have our own places to go and find niches. However, if you’re a beginner, go to and find a product with gravity over 80. At the time of writing this, yeast infection is a very hot market.

2. Buy Two Or Three Ebooks With Master Resell Rights

Go to either or and get some ebooks that intends to solve the problem of the starving crowd. For instance, go to and buy two good ebooks on how to cure yeast infection. Ebooks are usually cheap there.

3. Make Either A Blog To Promote The Ebooks Or Password-Protect The The Ebooks In WinRAR

Whether you want to promote the product by blogging or use the password-protect method, it’s your choice. Blogging works x3 better than password-protect method with no start-up cost but a little bit of practical knowledge. However, if you’re a newbie, I would suggest you to use the password-protect method and later, move on to the blogging.

4. If You Used The Password-Protect Method, Create A Blogger Blog And Make A Notepad

Create a blog, write a post with the password and lock it with Content Gateway Tool widget of CPAlead. Then, in the notepad, write down how to get the password to whoever will be downloading your file.

5. Make Another Rar

Transfer the notepad and locked RAR file to another RAR file.

6. Upload The RAR File To Hotfile

Open an account at and upload the RAR file. You can also make money with hotfile with this method!

7. Promote Your Hotfile Link

Now, there are literally thousands of places where you can promote the link for free. If you don’t have the list I can give you the list of places to promote your link. See below.

With this method, you can expect to get at least 30 downloads a day. Imagine 30 people completing an offer that pays $.50. You make $15 and of course, you can rinse and repeat! You can make at least $100 a day with this method with multiple campaigns. If you’re experienced, you can also implement the Blogging method and make even more!

Source by Alvi Abir

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