Affiliate Marketing Tips: Maximize Traffic To Your Website

One of the most difficult aspects of marketing is traffic generation. So what do you do once you have figured out how to consistently drive traffic to your sites? You learn to maximize it to make the most amount of money possible from each visitor. Below are some possible ways to maximize incoming traffic.

Start by building your list:

Statistically speaking, a large majority of your traffic will not take any kind of action on their first visit to your site. It usually takes multiple visits to a website to close a sale.

How exactly do you expose your offer to customers multiple times? By getting them to sign up to your e-mail list. An e-mail list will allow you to warm up your prospects to eventually turn them into paying customers.

List building is not all that difficult. Be prepared to spend some money on an auto responder service however. I recommend that you look at getting imnica mail. They offer very competitive pricing and on occasion offer lifetime memberships for those that do not like to pay monthly fees.

Get used to upsells and downsells:

Once a customer completes a purchase they are in what is called a buying mode. This is the perfect opportunity to offer products and services that complement their purchase. The process of recommending additional services to a paying customer is known as the upsell.

A downsell is very similar to an upsell except for the fact that it is offered after the upsell is declined. For example, if the upsell is a gold membership, the downsell can be a silver membership at a reduced price.

You will notice that the make money online niche is cluttered with upsells and downsells. While you want to make the most money out of your customers, you also need to be careful not to damage your image. Think about how successful brick and mortar businesses apply these techniques and see how you can mirror their success (McDonald’s is a perfect example).

Capture your visitors attention immediately:

The internet moves at a rapid pace. This means that you have a split second to convince your visitor to hear you out (check out your offer). It is very important that you catch their attention as soon as possible. Avoid any distractions due to poor design and layout. Your focus should be to get your visitors eyeballs to the offer/incentive right away. Get your visitors attention, have them take action (ie input an e-mail), and let them be on their way.

Source by Arturo Ramirez

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