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It can be argued that getting traffic is the number-one priority for just about every blogger – for reach, for influence, for authority, for sales… it’s what we all aim to grow.

Over the years here at ProBlogger we’ve discussed traffic and how to get it over and over again. We’ve talked about how content is king (and also so is being useful), getting traffic without advertising, optimising for SEO, leveraging your Facebook presence, small tweaks for big results, and how not to kill your traffic.

It’s been a huge part of sharing how and what we do here, and it’s one of the topics we get asked about the most. I even wrote a post a few years ago about how I doubled (and went on to triple) the the unique visitors on my blog.

What I have learned over the years is that although some things work consistently and almost universally for all (great, consistent content, proper SEO), everything other option is hugely varied according the person performing them. Email works well for some, whereas Instagram really drives traffic for others. Personal networking helps, and there are a few still making Twitter work for them. There are yet another section absolutely killing it on Pinterest, geting the bulk of their traffic from the visual powerhouse.

We wanted to know what works for you? If you were to give one tip to a newbie blogger for growing their traffic, what would it be? What’s worth your time and what’s not? Feel free to share and discuss in the comments below.

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