Has Derren Brown Turned Evangelical or Was It Just a Theatrical Stunt?

The recent Derren Brown show on TV has made me wonder if there was a hidden agenda. It was more like a Billy Graham meeting by the time it ended. A bizarre mixture of mind reading glass crunching and healing. It was entertaining as always and it certainly appeared to help many members of the audience cure their aches and pains, but it was certainly different. No doubt if you missed it, it will be available on “catch up”.

Has he turned evangelical or was it just a theatrical stunt? I believe we can all change our lives with mind power, and by truly believing in yourself and your capabilities you are able to do more than you first thought. Think of the incidence where people suddenly have great strength in the case of need, lifting cars to release trapped people etc. Was he in fact demonstrating his ability in order to encourage others to develop their own beliefs? He was also dispensing positive and evangelical quotes throughout the performance.

Geniuses, writers, poets, artists, composers, inventors and many others, probably all benefit from tapping into the universal mind for expertise and guidance. Many writers and composers say work just presented itself in their minds. Maybe if we learnt their secrets the serendipity effect would be available to us too.

Do you take calculated risks and follow your intuition? Apparently the more you trust your intuition and beliefs the more success you will achieve. These theories are documented in many books – (see suggestions below) Perhaps this is why some people achieve their dreams and others do not? Some people achieve amazing healings through belief. It is said the more we trust our intuition the more it develops, behaving like a muscle being subject to workouts.

So if you were able to achieve success in any area, what venture would you choose? Around 250,000,000 are currently looking for ways to work at home according to Google, are you one of them?

I work from my laptop and highly recommend it, no more commuting, a flexible timetable and I am able to work in the comfort of my own home.

Affiliate Marketing is the simplest way to begin online. With the guidance of a coach and mentor you are able to earn commissions whilst you learn the techniques required. Your coach will provide tried and tested products, excellent training, the companionship of a group of like-minded entrepreneurs whilst you will work to a proven formula.

If working at home is something you would enjoy, the flexible hours to work around the family, and all the other advantages, begin part-time whilst your employment offers security. Do not sack the boss just yet!

You will need a little cash to start-up, but internet marketing is a low-cost business compared to traditional business. So if you are motivated, passionate about a hobby or idea it could be the way forward for you. Take a look at some magazine racks for ideas and enjoy your new hobby business. There are many part-timers in the industry and many millionaires, the choice is yours!

Books You may find interesting:

“Feel the Fear and do It anyway” by Susan Jeffers

“The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” By Joseph Murphy

“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

“Awaken the Giant within” by Anthony Robbins

Source by Anne O’Dwyer

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