How to get up to 100% more Profit from Ad Networks

Servando: This is a guest post by AdSpyGlass. I decided to publish this very interesting post because AdSpyGlass is a tool that helps you increase your ad networks revenue by letting you mix up many ad networks in your blog and get the best results based on many factors while doing all the split tests automatically. Since many people here come looking for networks to monetize their blogs (not Adsense) I figured this would be a very useful post.

Considered something of a new phrase, ad mediation is the practice helping publishers earn maximum income from their websites. The process sees a middleman – otherwise known as the ad mediation platform – acting as an intermediary between a publisher and the networks they use to serve ad space.

It is possible for publishers to cancel out the mediator and explore the networks for themselves, although this does come with some big disadvantages. For one, the exercise of trawling through a number of ad networks to find the best prices can be tiring. There’s also the fact that signing up to multiple networks will not automatically boost someone’s earnings, due to the ways in which some of the more traditional platforms work.

ad networks increase profit - time hours

With this in mind, ad mediation solutions are very much a part of why this phrase has entered the public eye. These tools combine all the information from top ad networks on details like region and connection types in real time. This is then centralized, helping webmasters identify the networks that are paying the most for their traffic.

Why does it matter?

Ad mediation is hugely important in today’s market. The previous era of ad serving represented something out of the wild west; everything was done manually and prices on ad space would shift within the blink of an eye. There was a demand for more clarity over the entire process and ad mediation answered the call.

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Essentially, mediation is a way of handing publishers a greater sense of control over how and to whom their inventory is sold. Through advertising mediation, publishers are able to view which networks are the best for their business and create their own ad marketplace. The end result is a boost in revenue and a greater sense of relevancy for audiences around the world.

The process explained

In the traditional ‘waterfall’ method of serving ads, a publisher will send out a request to an ad network to find an advertiser. This will be a group which has been deemed the most important based on historical factors. All of the advertiser’s ads will be sold until there isn’t any left, after which the next advertiser will step forward.

The waterfall method can choose advertisers based on who pays the highest rates. Someone may bid $0.20 on a CPM for a 300×200 banner, which would use a bid of $0.05 for the same placement. This is a reliable system, but the ordering of priority does not guarantee this, and can even ignore other factors.

Conversely, ad network mediation allows the publisher to select the best place for their ad spots based on a range of factors by using a ‘weighted’ system. There’s always the chance to select the highest-paying advertiser, but they could also go on the geo of the advertiser, or similar. Once an ad has been sold, they can focus on the best network for the next one.

This fairer and more analytical method of selling ads can lead to some huge boosts in profit. In addition, ad mediation services tend to offer a larger database of advertisers and networks, which can lead to higher bids.

How to boost your revenue by 100% – Meet AdSpyGlass

A common problem for webmasters is the monetization of their websites. Rates of their favorite ad networks may fall down and they can spend hours searching for alternatives. Every network has both pros and cons, but AdSpyglass can help publishers gain the benefits from each one.

AdSpyglass is an ad mediation service that allows webmasters to work with a range of the best ad networks by continuously monitoring their CPM rates and automatically assigning ad space to the highest bidders.

The process

The process of ad mediation is simple. Take a look at the example below:

You work with 3 ad networks; let’s call them: Ad Network No.1, Ad Network No.2, and Ad Network No.3. You take care of the setup phase like so:

  • You link these 3 ad networks to AdSpyglass by setting the API keys
  • Place our ad codes onto your websites
  • AdSpyglass automatically checks CPM rates of all linked ad zones of all ad networks

After the first CPM check, you might find a result like this:

  • Ad Network No.1 CPM = $0.50
  • Ad Network No.2 CPM = $1.20
  • Ad Network No.3 CPM = $0.80

ad networks increase profit - revenue

By this we can see that Ad Network No.2 has the highest CPM and will be allocated an ad spot on your website. After the next CPM check, the situation could have changed; maybe Ad Network No.1’s CPM is $1.30. AdSpyglass will then allocate your spot to Ad Network No.1 and so on. All these processes happen on a fly, giving you an easy way of maximizing your revenue.

ad networks increase profit - Adspyglass

This ad mediation platform creates three huge advantages for publishers, which are:

  1. An income boost of up to 100%.
  2. The management of all ads (network ads and own ads) directly via an admin panel, saving time and helping avoid errors while adding website templates.
  3. Detailed statistics in AdSpyglass reports, allowing for the optimization of campaigns from all networks in one admin panel.

ad networks increase profit - adspyglass dashboard

Getting started

  • Click HERE to register
  • Link your network accounts and add your first campaigns
  • Copy AdSpyglass’s ad codes and input them into your website
  • Enjoy the boost in your revenue

Final thoughts

Each ad network tries to maximize the numbers of offers given to its publishers. We can compare this process to a real-life situation by picturing the ad network as an internet shop where you can buy lots of things. Maybe you can find something very profitable, but you can’t buy everything. Some positions may also be very expensive, and it could take several hours to find the shops which have what you need and compare the prices.

If you use large aggregators like Amazon or eBay, EVERY client can find what he needs, as well the best price in matter of minutes. Mediation services like AdSpyglass – they are the Amazons and eBay of the ad world.

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